someone complained I write too much about politics and not enough about comics, and then paypaled me a few bucks

OK, fine. How long before discerning nerds begin protesting against the Marvel Civil War in front of their local comics shops? Clearly, The People were lied to by the PTB into reading a book we had no business reading -- and what's more, a temporary surge of 22K more readers [for, say, variant covers plagiarizing the Abu Ghraib photos -- like Ms. Marvel humiliating a naked Daredevil whom she has on a dog leash, or an image of Speedball with a black hood over his head and electrodes attached to his fingertips and nutsack] will not be enough to turn the War's fortunes around!

Didn't Marvel say that the war would be over by now, and that advertising revenue from the issues be enough to pay for the variant covers? Now, they imply that they can't just cut & run, cancel the stupid series and leave the crossover issues of the regular titles to fend for themselves. They claim to do so would dishonor the sacrifices the other freelancers have made over these last few years, trying to make their version of Iron Man or whoever match the assholic version appearing in the CW series. Please, we must end this stupid war before it spills over into rest of the region, making comics shops even more unpleasant to decent people than they already are. The slumming c-list Hollywood hacks who write dark-fic fan scripts for Marvel to publish are almost as obnoxious as neoconservatives, although I guess Marvel's terrible ideas are responsible for just Black Goliath's death so far. Anyway, I've been against this stupid war from the very first time it was suggested, but no one heeded my warnings. Ooooooh, lookit me, I'm Cassandra and you're a dumbass with too much money to piss away on shitty supercomics! Neener neener neener, wiener!

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Tim O'Neil said...

But you ignore the fact that Marvel is as we speak maneuvering the X-Men into an unplanned and misguided war with DC - while readers are already stretched thin across the region, troops are being deployed specifically to counter the threat of border incursions from hostile rival crossovers.