"Osama's Pizzeria" update: Guilty Guilty Guilty

It's the little Mayberry details in this case that I enjoy the most, like Opie assisting his dad Matlock with the plaintiffs' case. There aren't nearly enough father & son law firms in the big cities for my taste. Anyway:

OWEGO -- A jury awarded two village restaurateurs $200,000 each in damages Thursday night after jurors said the two had been slandered when they were called "terrorists" and "drug dealers" by Owego's police chief.

The jury of six deliberated for about four hours Thursday before reaching a verdict about 7:30 p.m. in state Supreme Court in Tioga County.

I have wonder about the Village Trustee who can't/won't get that a big reason why juries financially spank the government for its abuses is so that they won't do it again. Also, how much money does it take to properly compensate the victim of an informally sanctioned [albeit clumsy, inefficient and lazily racist] whispering campaign? I would hope that such a large award would make it clear how innocent and wronged the victims were -- although, if such corrections of power abuses in the War on Terra continue, it may be just a matter of time until a Talking Point about "Activist Juries" starts circulating. I mean, the people can't hold their leaders accountable for their actions in an open manner consistant with the Rule of Law -- that's just plain UnAmerican.