The Second Annual IRYCRT2001ASO Day!

Still not quite as big a holiday as Beethoven's birthday -- yet -- but it's growing fast!

Here is My and Little Man's film for IRYCRT2001ASO Day 2006. I hadn't deleted anything off my camphone in a few weeks, so it ran out of memory after 50 seconds, and Little Man is like Frank Sinatra in that he doesn't give his director a second take if the first was good, but I think this year's reaction stands strong with last year's film. And we both naturally approve of Rose, Steven and Saffron's celebration of the big day. Huzzah!

[For more information on International "Record Your Cat Reacting To 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY" Day and how you and your cat can be a part of it, click here. Today is the 38th anniversary of the premiere of Stanley Kubrick's seminal science-fiction film.]