Bookmark cleaning, part 34

Possibly more for my benefit than yours, but:

The Possibly Complete Kure Kure Takora and a surprisingly informative fan site.

If the GATCHAMAN DVD series craps out one more time, I'm just going to buy these laserdisc dubs of GATCH II and GATCH FIGHTER and relearn Japanese. Maybe buy that place's sets of GOLION and whatever MANZINGER series had the female robot with breast rockets while I'm at it.

If this Gilbert Gottfried DVD has his brain-damagingly great "Bela Lugosi does 'Who's on First?'" bit, it is the greatest comedy film that will ever be made.

The glory of Arj & Poopy. See also, Cat & Girl. I bet this local angry man would be a lot happier if he checked both out.

New-to-me MP3 Blogs/sites:,,,, Superman OTR serial, archive,

Also, the MIDI Transformer a snazzy article on old-time-radio sound effects and a quite informative piece on my favorite OTR show, INFORMATION PLEASE.

Classic-Videogame History. Videogame theme tab transcription for guitar. GTA Domain.

Movies I recently saw a fragment of and would like to see again: Thousands Cheer, Step Lively and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

I enjoy the GROUNDHOG DAY-like pattern this messboard thread has. Who knew there were so many people crazed to find sheet music for "The Lonely Man" theme from the 70s INCREDIBLE HULK TV show?

Gallery sites/pages: Coop's blog, Japanese Psychiatric Art, even more pulp art, Scary kids, more WWII propaganda art [including this Milt Caniff-drawn how-to, Sleater-Kinney Concert Review Archive and vintage ads.

Assorted Wiki pages [and my attempts to remember why I bookmarked them]: Dogme 95 [I think to look through the previous edits sometime to see if the model DV camera they used to specify for a "pure" Dogme film was listed; it was smart of them to delete that clause], Andrzej Gołota [I saw a documentary on this palooka and his cock-punching shenanigans.], Electra Complex [Loveline reference, probably], Publius Syrus [no doubt Cryptiquoted], Charles Camille St. Saens [I remembered the Stravinsky meltdown, but wanted to cross-reference if a piece of his "Omphale's Spinning Wheel" was used as THE SHADOW radio show's theme. It was.]

I will eventually rally enough gumption to convert this blog to a three-column template, with the LAST ROAD links on one side and everything else on the other. [Unless, of course, someone else would like to do it for me.]

I've been intermittently reading chapters of HOW TO READ A BOOK after suffering relapses of Great Books Mania.

What's your IP address?

Best Raspberry and Lemon butter cookie snaps, ever.

Another sure-fire crowd-pleasing Mary Kaye Stratocaster link.

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