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More entertaining spam that seems to be selling nothing

From: Fredric Denny
Subject: re [8]:
Body Preview: Excite in 1823 Holocaust How are you? let's keep the ball rolling! in 1946 [clapboard.GIF]

No Sunday Comic Mash today

since my most trusted and beloved companion of the last four years, my Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop, has developed surface disk errors where the startup files apparently are and doesn't want to boot anymore. I'd break out my Windows CDs, wipe the disk and start over, except that it has too much data that I haven't backed up and can't let go. [Mostly new work files and pornography.] I was digging through a box of random CDs looking for some blanks to burn backups when the computer crapped out. There are probably two lessons to be learned here.

Anyone know of a way, running in WinME's Safe Mode, to A.] burn a CD on an internal burner, B.] burn a DVD/CD on an external burner connected via USB, or C.] use Direct Cable Connection via a Parallel line out the LPT1 port? Just the thought of having to write and transfer my files via hundreds of floppy disks and spanned archive files makes me weepy. Surely there must be a way to manually engage these device's drivers in Safe Mode ... surely?

Comment below or send me an email, please. Once my little friend is back up and running, I promise to shower my beloved Squirrels with funny/stupid crap like The Best Porn Spam Ever and more half-assed photo art.

Entertaining Spam

I'm amused, at least. But what could they mean, and what in the world are they selling?

From: Carroll Drew
re [7] - you're welcome Disney World War I Fast Search Celebrity Excite [boyle.GIF]

From: Rachael Kerr
re[2] - in 1924 Go ahead. X Men cats and dogs Passwords Let me [chinamen.GIF]

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