Please buy the comics I hate owning; also, fun with depravity

I read some DC Comics crap this morning that was so lame I decided it had to be the first publisher purged from my collection, never to befoul my swell new bookcases. So, lots of fancy hardcovers will go on my eBay block tonight and tomorrow morning, with a small flood of softcover bullshit to hit this time tomorrow. Visit early, visit often, since some crap will have Buy It Now prices designed to make books sell immediately SO I NEVER HAVE TO [NOT] LOOK AT THEM EVER AGAIN. I thank you.

And now, for the depravity I promised:

Seeing things like this [NWS] is why I drag my feet in seeking medical treatment for my rapidly failing eyesight. Who thought doing that was a good idea, and Why? Why?? WHY???

After my eyeballs were sodomized by some of the nastier jpegs in that gallery, I thought I'd better give myself some retail therapy. So I went to and almost immediately [no groaning, please] came across this. [Work safe, but you might not want to leave this entry at the top of your "RECENTLY VIEWED" list. Some people probably wouldn't understand if they saw that in your sidebar, even after you tried to explain my blog, me and/or this post to them.]

That Amazon page is funny for three things; first, that they still make lambskin condoms; second, that Amazon sells "used & refurbished" lambskin condoms; third, that demand is apparently so great for used/refurbished lambskin condoms that they're the same price as new ones; and fourth, the idea that you and your spouse-to-be have the option of adding used/refurbished lambskin condoms to your Wedding Registry. I would assume that particular to-add-or-not-to-add discussion takes a happy couple less time to hash out than choosing their china pattern.