Ten reasons why I admire THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW despite it being a dumb, dumb, dumb movie:

In no particular order:

1.] It's a summer blockbuster with no villain. The Vice President is the closest thing to a heavy, and he's only a horse's ass.

2.] The survivors in the library never even consider burning furniture, and they burn books in the least effective manner possible -- They might as well be warming themselves with road flares for all the difference it would make -- the set-up is too Bizarroly stupid to be any commentary on the value of books. Cracks me up, though.

3.] The movie creates a world where Dennis Quaid can play its smartest man. DENNIS QUAID. That takes moxy to even attempt.

4.] The girl and the mom are cute.

5.] Perry King makes a remarkable George W. Bush stand-in -- engaged, yet baffled -- despite looking more like some Democrat's senior aide. Physically, I mean, not because his character shows all that compassion and determination to save as many citizens from the natural disaster as possible. Although I guess there is that, too.

6.] It's a major Hollywood-studio film based on a book co-written by beloved wingnut and COAST TO COAST AM host Art Bell.

7.] The director paid for the film to be a carbon-neutral production.