And, we're back.

No Internet since Friday evening; the cable repair dude came in no more than ten minutes ago, popped the coaxial out of the modem and showed me how the copper connector was gone. It's so fragile that it probably came loose a while ago -- and fell out when I unscrewed and reconnected it, like the callcenter repair tech suggested -- which would explain why the down/upload times have been getting progressively worse lately. Ha ha, duh. My night eyesight has crapped out to the point that I wouldn't be able to see something that thin anyway. [So I've backdated the last four LAST ROAD panels; sue me.]

Now, someone much smarter than me needs to explain to me why hates Mozilla and continues to claim it just performed an illegal operation [invalid page fault in module MSVCRT.DLL] and will be shut down. The cops still haven't arrived to take the program to jail, despite it being a repeat offender.

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