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The Last Stars Wars 3 post

[I just noticed that Blogger-By-Mail never posted this. Didn't post my Sunday Advice Mash column either. Oh, how I hate you, Blogger-By-Mail.]

Here's a fun way to ruin STAR WARS III: REVENGE OF THE SITH for one's adult-nerd friends: During the big Obi-Wan vs. Anakin duel on the lava planet, say "Read DIANETICS, by L. Ron Hubbard!!! Available at a Waldenbooks near you!" especially when there's a lava geyser onscreen. If the person is old enough to remember that annoying commercial from the days when it aired continuously on television, he or she won't be able to not think of it during that scene. Having read this, you won't be able to either, of course, but I'm making omelets here.

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Bloomsday One: 2005

James Joyce enjoyed sodomizing his wife and writing her letters about it. He also opened the first movie theater in Dublin and wrote some books. One of them was set on this day in 1904 and it's all about the reader's voyage from Graphikos all the way to Cryptographikos. If you would like to discuss his work with him or just say "Hi," Mr. Joyce's Parisian phone number is SAXE 34-33; however, you may get his answering machine, as he died in 1941.

If you would like to know more this subject, visit your local public library. It's all waiting for you ... there.

Rodney King, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson

This is one of the rare nights that I'm not annoyed about that I don't live in Los Angeles; prior to the live broadcast of the Jackson molestation trial's verdict, the talking heads mentioned that the local authorities had prepared for riots and civil unrest regardless of the jury's decision. I guess most people assumed that the black communities would go apeshit if Jackson had been found guilty, but my first thought was that the sexual-abuse survivors would be the ones flipping out in the event of Not Guilty: "Boy, those guys are gonna riot and burn all of Palos del Abusado down tonight." Then I realized there is no Palos del Abusado, a safe, little oasis for the survivor community, in L.A. County or anywhere else. And then I realized that such survivor groups aren't nearly as visible as a group as you'd think they would be. I'd like to think that there is a Palos del Abusado somewhere and the people who live there are throwing chairs in outrage about the verdict.

At least that vegetable woman and the Pope bumped the Jackson trial from the lead spot in shit news shows for a few weeks. This was big enough news to require all the news stations and networks to preempt programming to cover for an afternoon?

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Sunday Comic #8

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Garfield seduces Sally Brown, as Opus Mr. Patterson, Andy Capp and Dagwood Bumstead watch. Three stars for "I'm sorry, Flo ... I'm going to have to lay you," September 25, 1994.

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