Off the road again

Which means links for youse!

Remember, context is everything, my comics nerds.

Here's a semi-interesting article about my favorite public-access-TV quick-sketch artist/zealot Dr. Peter Ruckman. If I had the money for a Tivo, I would record the local P.A. station 24 hours a day just to net in all the episodes of Ruckman's "Drawing Men to Jesus The Christ" program it randomly broadcasts, for it is awestome.

Good grief -- and I thought pop-culture nerds were a thin-skinned lot; at least they don't file reports about the ways the mainstream media slighted their objects of affection.

I could live without the Erich Wolfgang Korngold-sounding fanfare on the front page -- it scared the shit out of Little Man -- but Guy Davis' Web site is packed with great stuff.

Zooming in Flash. Once I figured out how to keep it moving, the Flash version was hypnotically beautiful and exciting when I saw it on a big monitor.

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