Attention HTML/Java scripters: An opportunity to help wipe out Endemic Treponematosis

I'd like to add a small lefthand column to the page, but every method I've tried hasn't worked. Anyone who knows how to do it and/or knows of a page that shows how to do it please email me or post in the Comments below; whoever hooks me up first will have a day named in his/her honor. [And yes, I can do a snazzy little collapsible hack for the Comments feature, but a three-column page is beyond me.]

To sweeten the pot: In addition to naming a day in the person's honor, I'll send whoever who helps the most an autographed door-hanger that shows who to give a breast exam. [I have a bunch left over from an old job.] Guys: There are photographs of BOOBIES on this thing! Girls: You'll learn how to protect yourself from CANCER!

Also, would anyone like me to add any alternate feeds of the blog, besides the atom one? Does anyone actually use the atom feed?

I'm having a brief moment of user-friendliness, so any suggestions that would improve the enjoyment of The Unofficial John Westmoreland Memorial Tribute Webring should be made now, before I regain my senses.

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Anonymous said...

are they real boobies?