thlinking about the media

Jack Newfield is dead, which is a tremendous loss for both journalism and the City. His books are pretty great, even when you didn't know anything about story's particulars beforehand.

When I lived in Seattle, I found their Weekly to be little more than free toilet paper, but Geov Parrish's editorials were usually the last page I'd use to wipe my ass.

And, since these things always come in threes, here's another weekly-paper editorial about the year in media. John Powers' list is quite enjoyable, despite many of the entries being an old classic with a new paintjob: Timeliness always trumps greatness in the short term, vertical integration guarantees us one DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES a season and [semi-]independent film has always been a haven for dorks to concoct pipe dreams about wonderful, beautiful women who love them and the nerdy shit that they love.

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