By request, a post about politics

I call bullshit on people who are anti-abortion except in cases of rape [UPDATE: or incest; I always forget about incest] that have resulted in pregnancy. If these people really think life is precious and deserves to be protected, it deserves to be protected regardless of the criminal behavior of a person's parent.

On a related note: The clips I've just seen of the difference in audience reception to Bush's kids and Kerry's at the MTV Video Music Awards have confirmed my worst fears, that an entire generation has been permanently bent by 9/11 into something truly brutal, proudly stupid and ugly. Hence, I call for all American children in their 50th to 100th trimesters to be aborted en masse -- just drive 'em all into the sea like they were lemmings. We can't take any chances anymore, else the local terrorists will have won, etc.

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